Corporate Social Responsibility

polio eradication program

Pakistan has come a long way in its struggle to eradicate poliomyelitis (polio). In the early 1990s, the annual incidence of polio was estimated at more than 20,000 cases a year.

Since its initiation in 1994, the national polio eradication program has made major strides in reaching children with immunization in all parts of the country. Volka Food International (Pvt.) Ltd. believing in a polio-free Pakistan held various camps where children were given polio drops free of cost to ensure that our country has a healthy future.

Monsoon Flash Floods

The usual Monsoon season flash floods in Pakistan have turned into a much-worsened situation in several parts of Pakistan, due to 100 years of record rains, where more than 8,000 homes and shops have been destroyed, displacing hundreds of thousands: causing deaths of livestock in large numbers; destruction of several acres of crops; and grave concerns of spread of epidemic diseases.

Volka Food International (Pvt.) Ltd. provided a helping hand to the flood victims by not only contributing dry food packages but also giving donations for free consultations, medication, and relief teams to help the victims during and after the emergency.

Women Empowerment

VFI men to women ratio are 70:30 which is itself an achievement considering the region where it is operating (southern Punjab). Women have been given key positions at the managerial level including several female engineers. Women are leading business units in VFI including complete factory shifts and different departments. Women from the rural outskirts of Multan who didn’t have access to decent employment opportunities have been given the opportunity to work in a safe and cordial environment in the factory.

Green Pakistan

Workers, including the non-permanent workforce, are given free-of-cost medical facilities to ensure their health. All the safety tools of work and hygienic environment have been made sure in sync with the vision of Mr Saim has always been the voice of environmental safety and a greener Pakistan. Therefore, VFI has taken several measures to ensure that all factory waste has been taken care of.